Tough As Daisy Skirt

New hand drawn "Tough As Daisy" graphic, designed and drawn by designer Julia Harris. I gave Julia the freedom to come up with something that she thinks holds hands with the JackLeg aesthetic. I love what she did don't you?! Julia's design makes the perfect pockets! 

Daisy Harris was one of the original tough gals! She loved to meet her buddies at  the local fishing holes crossing many barbed wire fences to catch her dinner. Too many stories to tell for this small space but she was a little spit fire! I'm fortunate enough to have inherited her little humble farmhouse. 

Thank you, Julia, for capturing the heart and soul of JackLeg! 


extra small: 28” waist, 29” length

small: 32" waist, 29" length

medium: 36" waist, 29" length

large: 40" waist, 29" length

Care: as with all JackLeg pieces, I recommend washing gently in cold water and hanging garment to dry. Hem is raw by design and will occasionally need trimming especially after first few washes

All fabric has been pre washed in ALL detergent and dried with Bounce dryer sheet.