Daisy Duster

Each Daisy Duster is a one of a kind hand crafted piece. Every duster has a JackLeg exclusive image hand sewn on the back and the JackLeg label sewn inside. The coordinating tie at the waist can be tied in the front or in the back. This is the perfect piece to add to your favorite pair of jeans and favorite t-shirt to create a stunning, casual unique look. Easy, comfortable and pre washed in ALL detergent. Treat with TLC (when in doubt, dry clean), gently wash in cold water, hang or lay flat to dry, trim strings especially after first few washes. Named after the late Daisy Harris of Daisy Harris Road.

As a general rule, usually a typical size small can wear a small or a medium duster, a medium can wear a medium or a large and a large can wear large or an extra large. Reason being, they are intended to be loose fitting. For example, I wear mediums, larges and even extra larges so don’t let the size keep you from considering one you are drawn to. You can always email or message me via Facebook or IG if you have any questions. 
Email jacklegshop@gmail.com